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Welcome to the official website of the International Dance Competition – INTERNATIONAL CHRISTAMAS DANCE FESTIVAL RASZYN '2023! Get ready for an unforgettable journey to the world of dance, where passion, talent and dedication meet on the dance floor, creating a spectacle full of energy, emotions and exciting moments. Our competitions are not only a place of competition, but also a platform for sharing the love of dance, creating friendships and building a community that crosses the boundaries of cultures, languages ​​and nationalities. Regardless of whether you are an experienced dancer or just starting your adventure with dancing, our competitions are for you. Our event attracts talented artists from all over Europe who want to present their skills, gain experience and make inspiring friends.

On this page you will find all the necessary information about the competition, including dates, place, dance categories and regulations. You will also be able to learn about the history of the competition and meet the passionate community of dancers, instructors and judges who participate in our events. Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of dance, where dreams come true and emotions are real. Join our community and immerse yourself in the magical world of the International Christmas Dance Festival.

We wish you unforgettable moments and passionate dance experiences! Welcome - lots of inspiration and information awaits you.


The first edition of the International Christmas Dance Festival (oldest name: International Polish Championships) took place in Raszyn in December 2020 as part of the 20th edition of World Dance Week. Their organization resulted from the need of the hour and effectively filled the place of the World Championships canceled due to the pandemic. The International Christmas Dance Festival refers to the tradition of the World Dance Week, which we have been organizing continuously since 2001.

The location of the competition at the Raszyński Sports Center is not accidental. The positive decision to start permanent cooperation with the Sports Center in Raszyn is a response to the professional approach of the Director of the Sports Center, Katarzyna Klimaszewska - a woman who is devoted to sport and culture, for whom the impossible does not exist. The Sports Center in Raszyn meets the expectations of the Organizers, and all employees of this institution are always helpful and positive towards cooperation. We expect the participation of dancers from all over Poland and our international dance friends who have been with us for years.

We invite you to the next edition, which will take place on December 7–10, 2023.



Competitors must be registered electronically by November 22, 2023 (Wednesday) via the website: http://n1.danceit.pl?r=258. In categories set to your own music, songs must be sent along with your entry via the danceit.pl system.

Applications, deletions, adding dancers or changes to the application on November 22 - November 24, 2023 will be accepted whenever possible and after paying a handling fee of PLN 20 per person/category.

From November 25, 2023, only dancers can be deleted. Registering a player/duo in a lower league than the one assigned in the previous competition results in an additional fee of + PLN 20. per person/category and transferring the presentation to the appropriate league.



Entry fee for dancers with a PFT 2023 licenseEntry fee for dancers without a PFT 2023 license
Solo (original music)60 zł70 zł
Duet (original music)120 zł140 zł
Solo (own music)70 zł80 zł
Duet (own music)140 zł160 zł
Groups and Formations55 zł
per person
55 zł
per person
Changes in applications, possibly late applications20 zł
per person per shift
20 zł
per person per shift
Entry of a player/duo in a lower league than the one entered in the previous competition20 zł
per person
20 zł
per person

By November 22, 2023, entry fees must be paid in the amount specified by the Management Board of the Polish Dance Federation listed in the table above. For dancers with a PFT license for 2023, please additionally complete the "PFT Dancers" form and send it by November 22, 2023 to the e-mail address: m.gawron@pft.org.pl to the PLN account:

MBank: 26 1140 2004 0000 3102 8124 8921

For foreign competitors, payment of the entry fee in €:
Account number: 09 1140 2004 0000 3112 1380 4317
IBAN: PL09 1140 2004 0000 3112 1380 4317

Bank name and address:
mBank S.A. formerly BRE BANK S.A. (RETAIL BANK) ŁÓDŹ
PO Box 2108, 90-959 Łódź 2
in the title: "club name, NIP, entry fee"

Reliese Student Sports Club
Recipient's address: ul. Ossowska 85D/1, 05-220 Zielonka
Transfer title: RASZYN - Name of the band, description of what the fee was paid for

Confirmation of the transfer together with the invoice details should be sent to: biuro@reliese.pl


  • General admission tickets:
    > for adults PLN 50 / 1 day,
    > reduced ticket for youth up to 12 years of age: PLN 30 1 day after presenting the school ID
  • Photo and video accreditation for amateur cameras and smartphones: FREE
  • Photo and video accreditation for professional cameras and camcorders: PLN 1,000 / day
  • Livestream – information will be provided before the competition.


The competition will be judged by a Judging Committee consisting of licensed national PFT judges and IDO judges. The organizer allows the invitation of VIP judges. Categories will be assessed in accordance with the regulations of IDO and the Polish Dance Federation.

Sylwana Patłaszyńska

Michał Gawron

Tomasz Pilewski

Irena Bous

Giancarlo Tarabella

Aleksandra Makogonenko


Łukasz Jóźwiak

Anna Wielogórska

Katarzyna Bryłka

Paweł Wasilewski

Bartosz Penkala

Andrzej Łukomski

Izabela Barska-Kaczmarczyk

Urszula Strzeżek

Magdalena Wasilewska

Dominika Zielińska

Małgorzata Kosicka

Małgorzata Stępień

Natalia Moreń

Maja Klimaszewska

Dominik Radczak


Dear Dancers and Trainers! See you in Raszyn, it will be a wonderful St. Nicholas Dance Festival! We heard that Santa Claus will come to us... have you been good this year? Remember about your Christmas costumes!

Piotr Patłaszyński, Organizer

This is an international dance competition created for dancers and dancers associated with the Polish Dance Federation, national partner organizations, as well as unaffiliated dancers. Feel the magic of Christmas in dancing Raszyn! Ho Ho Ho!

Leszek Cichocki, Organizer


Competitions for soloists, duos, small groups and formations in the LIG PFT formula and OPEN competitions will be held in the departments:

  • STREET: disco dance, disco slow, disco freestyle, hip hop, hip hop battles
  • ART: Performing Art. Improvisation, Dance Art., jazz & modern dance, classical dance


Only in Raszyn, special Christmas categories: Christmas PAI and Christmas Groups and Formations, as well as Christmas DISCO DANCE - you will not find such dance categories anywhere in the world, so prepare Christmas music and costumes that will bring us closer to the magic of Christmas on the dance floor. We also heard that Santa Claus will come to us... and you were good...?

The organizer does not mediate in booking accommodation and meals. However, we recommend our partner's hotel, Hotel FALENTY**** Business and Recreation, which is located 4 kilometers from the Sports Center in Raszyn. Special prices have been prepared for competition participants, the number of places is limited. Our direct contact details for reservations are: Mrs. Anna Górska a.gorska@hotels24.com.pl, tel.: +48 885 547 003.

We also recommend gastronomy with the possibility of ordering group dinners. As always, OJAZDOWA SZAMA will prepare nutritious, tasty meals for the dancers. There will also be a food point on site serving coffee, drinks, snacks and light meals. Our direct contact details for reservations and lunch orders are: Mrs. Regina Siuda objazdowaszama@gmail.com, +48 663 586 246. Please be advised that it is strictly forbidden to bring meals ordered from outside within the Sports Center in Raszyn.


Theme Time Person, email Tel
organizational matters 10-17 @ Piotr Patłaszyński 663 601 317
rules and regulations 10-16 @ Sylwana Patłaszyńska -
invoices and payments 10-18 @ Aneta Wróbel -
accommodation 10-17 @ Anna Górska 519 848 659
food 10-18 @ Regina Siuda 663 586 246
registration, PFT licenses 10-17 @ Michał Gawron 604 640 305
promotional stands, sponsorship 10-16 @ Leszek Cichocki 602 522 586

Area code for Poland is +48, so just add +48 to phone number presented above while dialing.


  • The choice of the advancement level of a given competitor is decided by the club's coach based on the previous results and knowledge about his dancer. To avoid disqualification and distortion of results, please correctly assign dancers to the level of advancement in a given category, especially the beginner group.
  • The year of birth of a given player determines the age category assignment.
  • Each competition participant may be a member of only one formation or group in a given category.
  • In the event of a small number of entries, the organizer reserves the right to combine categories or cancel categories.
  • In the event of a large number of applications, the order of applications will be decisive.
  • Dance floor dimensions 14 m x 12 m - ballet floor.
  • When registering, you must have a copy of the proof of payment of the entry fee.
  • The players' insurance is the responsibility of the delegating party.
  • Each club is obliged to have the required number of guardians, the Organizer does not take care of the participants.
  • The club and the dancer have the right to withdraw from the competition at any stage. Withdrawal from the Tournament does not result in a refund of the entry fee.
  • The organizer provides medical care during the competition.
  • The changing rooms are open to the public, they are not locked or supervised, the organizer is not responsible for items left in them.
  • Each dancer is required to have an ID document that will enable the Chief Judge to check the date of birth.
  • Each dancer is obliged to dance in appropriate footwear or barefoot.
  • The use of props and substances that may damage or dirty the floor is prohibited.
  • The organizer's written consent must be obtained for advertising in any form.
  • The organizer reserves the right to combine level or age categories.
  • During the Tournament, participants are obliged to strictly comply with health and safety and fire protection regulations. applicable at the Raszyn Sports Center.
  • Participation in the Tournament is tantamount to expressing permanent and unconditional free consent to video and television recording of all presentations and their use, publication and broadcast in any media by the organizers, as well as to the use of personal data in competition materials.
  • Protests only in writing will be accepted up to 15 minutes after the end of a given competition and considered by the Chief Judge and the Organizer after paying a deposit of PLN 200. If the protest is not accepted, the deposit will not be returned and will be forfeited to the Organizer.
  • Each club receives special wristbands for coaches and players, which authorize them to stay in the locker room and on the court. Entrance tickets for accompanying persons entitle them to a seat in the audience, without being in the dancers' area.
  • In the event of damage, the participant (group) who caused it is obliged to cover the costs of repairing the damage.
  • Security staff will maintain order and access control within the facility.